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When you come to Norton Denture Care Center, the first step is providing your health and dental history. You will need to bring a list of your current medications and/or herbal remedies as these can affect treatment. Then you will have thorough examination and consultation with our certified denturist, Misty Norton. During the examination, the denturist will assess your oral tissues and structures for any anomalies that may affect your new denture treatment. At this time, it is important for you to express all of your questions, concerns and wishes to the denturist regarding your treatment. Some aspects you may have questions about include:

Dentures lifting or tipping

Dentures are loose or cracked and broken

Impression appointments 

Occlusal registration appointment

 Try-in appointment 

Typical appointment schedule

Your concerns will direct treatment. All treatment options will be provided to you or your loved one at this time. Referrals with your dentist or implant-placing practitioners may be necessary for your unique treatment.

Impression Appointments
In order to give you the most accurate fit for your new dentures, we can offer two sets of impressions.

  • Preliminary impression – A preliminary impression is performed to expose the oral structures in your mouth to be covered with your new dentures.
  • Custom impression – A Custom impression is done to increase the accuracy of the fit of your new denture, resulting in fewer post-insertion adjustments. We will utilize a tray made specifically for your own mouth.

Occlusal Registration Appointment: The Bite
This appointment measures and refines the position of the jaw, allowing for a dramatic reduction in post-insertion adjustments once the dentures are fabricated and inserted. The upper and lower teeth can be pinpointed and the temporomandibular (TMJ) joint can be placed or repositioned in the most natural position. This will restore over-closed or over-open bites that resulted from either poor previous denture or worn-out old dentures. The most common correction made is that of an over-closed bite; this is the result of resorption (loss of bone structure) and/or wear on the artificial teeth. These changes cause a denture wearer to swing their jaw further to get their teeth to close together.

Day by day, over the years, dentures become worn out. This slow change allows the denture wearer to adapt to ill-fitting dentures and carry on as though nothing has changed. By inspecting your bite, the denturist can correct this condition. It can be difficult for a patient to accept and adapt quickly to a correct bite, since the correction is often made the moment the new dentures are inserted into the mouth.

Those whose health and age compromise the success of a total bite correction can choose to have a gradual increase in the height of the bite accomplished by “splinting” the old dentures before the new dentures are constructed, or having the successive new dentures made at monthly or yearly intervals until the positioning of the jaws is restored.

Wax Try-In Appointment
This phase of the denture construction can be the most enjoyable for both the Denturist and the denture wearer. Although enjoyable, it is a critical phase where a great deal of responsibility is placed on the patient.

Misty will check the bite registration to ensure that the measurements were taken correctly. At that time she will observe the dentures for phonetic clearance and evenness of the bite. The patient must then decide whether the colour, size and arrangement of the teeth meet with his or her approval. The acceptance of the appearance of the denture is the responsibility of you, the patient. You can assist the denturist in obtaining the results you want by expressing your likes and dislikes about your previous dentures.

If you have any concerns at this stage you must inform the denturist. Failure to inform the denturist about any dissatisfaction with the appearance of the denture after its completion will result in further expense. Most requests for changes during the wax try-in stage are easily accomplished, and the denturist will only be too happy to make them for you. Any assistance that you can provide to the denturist will only increase your satisfaction with the final prosthetic product. Supplying the denturist with a photograph of you when you had your natural teeth can be very helpful!

Typical Appointment Schedule

Standard Denture
1. Preliminary impressions
2. Bite registration
3. Wax try-in
4. Finish
5. Check-up (as needed)

Complex Denture
1. Preliminary impressions
2. Custom impressions
3. Bite registration with facebow transfer
4. Wax try-in
5. Finish
6. Check-up (as needed)
7. Denture remount to finish bite (not always necessary)

Partial Denture
1. Preliminary impressions
2. Framework try-in and bite registration
3. Wax try-in
4. Finish
5. Check-up (as needed)

Partial Complex Denture
1. Preliminary impressions
2. Custom impressions
3. Framework try-in and bite registration
4. Wax try-in
5. Finish
6. Check-up (as needed)

Dental Implant Treatment
1. Preliminary impressions
2. Bite registration
3. Wax try-in
4. Make treatment plan with implant-placing practitioner
5. Once implant treatment complete, preliminary impressions
6. Custom impressions
7. Bite registration
8. Wax try-in
9. Finish
10. Check-up (as needed)
11. Post-insertion remount

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